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  1. The President abruptly left his podium moments after starting today's coronavirus briefing. CNN reporters say the complex was locked down.

  2. Trump says situation seems 'well under control'

  3. Trump calls on college football games to resume amid pandemic

    President Donald Trump is calling for college football games to resume this season, as athletic conferences consider canceling or postponing play due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  4. FDA won't 'cut corners' to approve a Covid-19 vaccine, commissioner says

    Just as thousands more students return to classrooms this week, another study shows how easily children can get coronavirus.
  5. CNN anchor to Trump supporter: What you're saying is unscientific

    CNN's Boris Sanchez had a spirited exchange with Bikers for Trump Founder Chris Cox over his claims on the coronavirus pandemic and its origins.
Monday, 10th August 2020

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