Tips for placing a value on your business

There are several reasons why you should know the value of your business. if you are planning to sell your business, the general rule is that you should sell it for fair market value. In many instances the term "fair market value" is somewhat ambiguous. In the simplest sense, fair market value is what a willing buyer would pay a willing seller, with each party knowing all the pertinent facts.

There are several acceptable methods for determining the fair market value of a company. The most common three methods use (1) the value of the company's assets, (2) the earning power of the company, or (3) the stock value, assuming the company is a corporation. When determining the value of the corporation's stock, you must research the sale of stock for a substantially similar business. If you have been operating the company for many years, you have built up a reputation for providing good service. This goodwill is a valuable asset and should play an important role in determining a fair asking price for your business.

The fair market value of the business is also relevant if you plan to transfer the company to a family member. If the transfer is for less than fair market value, the IRS considers the transaction as part sale and part gift. Inter-family transfers are more closely scrutinized, making an accurate valuation even more important.

Tax Tips Small Business

  • New Rules for Spouses Who Operate a Business Together

    Do you qualify for simplified reporting?

    Spouses who operate a business together have a new option for reporting their business income. In the past, husband and wife joint owners were considered a partnership for reporting purposes. New rules, which took effect in 2007, give spouses the option of reporting their business income as two separate sole proprietorships.

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Small Business Quick Tip

  • SS Wage Base

    The Social Security wage base increases to $118,500 in 2016. This means that you are no longer required to withhold social security tax for employees after meeting this threshold. However, you are required to withhold Medicare taxes regardless of the amount of wages paid.
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  • Public Safety Officers Get a Tax Break

    Tax savings for health care costs

    Beginning in 2007, retired public safety officers, or those who have separated from service due to disability, get a tax break for health care costs. If you are a retired public safety officer,

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Personal Quick Tip

  • Sales Tax Deduction

    The optional sales tax deduction has been extended for the 2016 tax year. This means you can elect to deduct your state sales tax in lieu of your state income tax when you itemize deductions.